It has happened for us to create the API tool for the client of ours - the 888voip that has become an industry standard. Successful launch resulted in further expansion of the client to the VoIP market and lead to a creation of the distributor portal, which serves as a starting point for many VoIP re-seller companies and system integrators. For now our company supports the existing solution and adds new features to it
Staff Heroes is a major out-staffing company and we are proud for it to be our client for almost a year. We provide support for their website and integrate their products with major integrators, like Intercom, Google Analytics. We also implement new features like dynamic content creation and keep their code up-to-date.
Sotero Software

What we do for Sotero is a full-scale platform deployment automation. That includes building Docker image, constructing the deployment pipelines, dealing with bottlenecks, automating the binaries delivery and guaranteeing the system reliability

Labor Law Center

We have developed a couple of magento modules to improve the customer experience and order processing. One of the modules does the delivery address validation to ensure there are no mistakes in the address and it is safe to deliver the order to the customer location.

For this client we have created a fully-functional web store back in 2017 and provided him a full support on the entire project since 2021