About Tarkmõte OÜ

Tarkmõte OÜ is a small yet very ambitious company. The owner of the company is a freelancer that has been working on a major oursourcing platforms for about 10 years. Having huge amount of experience he has decided to create a company that will offer enterprise-class services to his existing and new clients.

From the start the company was focused on innovative ideas implementations. We tried to make our best in providing full-scale business processes automation and scaling. The main idea is to match the business growth and have a solid plan for any businesses expansion. The key is to keep the order processing speed at highest possible level with lowest possible latency.

The next step of development and expansion for the company woul be the beginning of the provision of custom software development services for customers around the world. Providing high-quality service, Tarkmõte OÜ tries to build long-term relationships with the all of its customers.